Now in its 15th year, SAGE is proud that 100% of its graduates go on to career jobs or graduate school

This sagely summer of 2014, finds our SAGE Scholars continuing to glisten and gleam. Rather than chill or relax on a beach, our SAGE Scholars are extending their reach. Through fellowships, internships and studying abroad, these SAGE Scholars’ endeavors will leave you thoroughly awed.

A number of our Scholars are working in Public Health this summer. Paul Rivera, Martha Hernandez, Yosaira Espinoza, and Juan Contreras-Castillo, are using their talents, skills, and education at Kaiser Permanente. Kristopher Stevens is working for the Alameda County Office of Public Health this summer.

Our science loving Scholars are also very busy. Daniel Hu is exploring his passion for biological engineering with his internship at Dupont. Katia Tkachenko is exploring her boundless love of science at Novartis. Janet Winchester is working in a lab at UCSF that allows her to actively work with projects related to her field of Molecular Toxicology.

Other Scholars are getting further involved in academia. Hayley Laity is currently participating in a fellowship program at Princeton University. Taheera Mujahid is conducting independent research as a member of the prestigious McNair Scholar Program. Bulmaro Vicente will be studying abroad in La Univesidad de Chile. He will be studying Chilean politics and meeting with government officials. Kristophe Green is interning with the SAGE Scholars Program and in the Organizational Behavior Department of the Haas School of Business as a research assistant.

The variety of interests pursued by our Scholars is astounding. Hector De La Torre is gaining experience in Civil Engineering while interning with Lend Lease in San Francisco, working in the Cost Planning department. Christopher Ernst is working as a partner and head of technology and operations at Farm-X and is busy applying for a number of grants and obtaining municipal support. Omotayo Olukaya is applying his passion for computer science at Goldman Sachs this summer, putting his extensive analytical skills to use. Amna Amna is working with KPMG Accounting this summer, further developing her already impressive skill set. Lonjino Lazcano is helping to develop new strategies for the Innovation team at Visa.

As you can see, even when not attending classes our SAGE Scholars are hard at work developing their skill sets, building relationships and, above all, immersing themselves in projects and experiences that are in alignment with their passion. Student Achievement Guided by Experience, this is what SAGE stands for and this is what our Scholars are gaining this summer.

Who are SAGE Scholars?

The SAGE (Student Achievement Guided by Experience) Scholars Program enriches and empowers its students' academic education by providing professional training and real-world experience. SAGE Scholars are low-income and high-achieving undergraduates  who explore their professional options through guided research, paid internships, workshops, and SAGE sponsored networks. SAGE Scholars benefit from working with experts and leaders in their fields, developing life-long professional skills.

"The SAGE Scholars Program helped me develop my professional and networking skills and I have acquired multiple internships and opportunities. Overall, it changed my mindset on how I viewed myself and promoted myself."
Lonjino Lazcano
SAGE Scholar

"People who knew me before joining the SAGE Scholars Program say I've changed dramatically. I'm much more confident and relaxed in public. I don't get red and start mumbling while talking to professionals. I know how to present myself in a professional environment."
Katia Tkachenko
SAGE Scholar

"SAGE has given me life changing career advice that will help me succeed upon graduation from UC Berkeley."
Kristopher Stevens
SAGE Scholar

"I wanted to return the same benefits it offered to me so that future Scholars can successfully graduate from UC Berkeley and feel empowered and confident about entering the work force."
Emma Gutierrez

SAGE This Summer, and Beyond

The end of the 2012-13 school year brought our expanding SAGE community together at a beautiful reception hosted by Novartis in Emeryville. It was a great opporutnity for SAGE Scholars, alumni, faculty mentors and business partners to get together and celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of the SAGE Scholars and its graduates.

SAGE Scholars Lonjino Lazcano, Kristopher Stephens, and Martha Hernandez will be interning at Kaiser Permanente. Their drive to pursue their career goals has rewarded them with the opportunity to work in various departments that will provide valuable experience for their future careers. Yosaira Espinoza will be interning at Genentech with their diversity recruitment College Programs Department.

For the 2013-14 academic year, the SAGE Scholars Program has received a record number of applications for new Scholars. As we are currently undergoing the application review process, we wish all applicants and future, prospective applicants the best of luck in applying to the SAGE Scholars Program.

Career Exploration Opportunities


SAGE Scholars are encouraged to explore different career opportunities in a variety of ways. Internships, networking opportunities, and program-sponsored events expose Scholars to professional fields they may not have considered before.

Networking Opportunities

Graduation Tim Dayonot table

All SAGE events and workshops are attended by well-established professionals, experts in their fields, faculty, supporters/sponsors, and coaches. Our events have often resulted in internship placement, quality recommendations, and more.

Experiential Courses & Events

Autumn Andrews and Craig Newmark

In order to prepare its Scholars for professional opportunities, SAGE offers one semester-long course and a variety of skills-building workshops. These educational opportunities provide concrete information that Scholars are encouraged to apply in their internships, during interviews, and in other professional as well as personal contexts.

Professional Coaching

Shoshana and Kate Professional coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, or businesses. Through the process of coaching, Scholars deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life. A coach believes you have the answers and is trained to bring them out (painlessly!)